IVM was grounded on the human truth that brand messaging when personalized is the way to a deeper consumer engagement. Everyone at InVogue Marketing has spent years in the field and worked in every aspect of event experiential and production marketing. We’ve mastered our craft and not only do we provide you with top quality staff but we also provide all the tools needed to succeed. We take on every challenge that is preventing you from connecting with your audience. Every brand is unique, so InVogue Marketing creates custom plans of actions that will not only create awareness but will also leave you with measurements of how effective your campaign was in every aspect!

Words from our Clients

I just wanted to mention to you how happy we were with Leena. I really think she was the best person that we’ve ever worked with who started cold on the first day. She learned so much, she is very intelligent and very good at articulating Technical details about our product, and really engaging. Plus an absolute pleasure to work for. I definitely would put her at the top of your list for the any work in Orlando.

Thank you for setting us up with her.

Brittany has helped Tagkast since before I started, and has set the standard for what we expect in a partner. Though mainly focusing on staffing the proper talent each client seeks, she has also helped in a variety of ways. She’s helped us communicate to staff, tells us when staff check in and out, and is available seemingly 24/7 for anything that may arise.

As a field ops manager, I have worked closely with Brittany on nearly every aspect of an activation, from training to show time to recapping. Her hard work, incredibly positive attitude, and drive are invaluable.

InVogue Marketing is an amazing and very organized company to work with. I had the privilege of working many programs in the past with InVogue Marketing and management has a perfect flow of communication between staff and management.
Nilo, Event Staff
All three women you provided us were, per usual, absolutely great – all arrived on time and worked to the best of their abilities.

Thanks again for all your help!

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